About Us

Dipicsa Group is a national leader in the construction of industrial, commercial and institutional buildings.

We specialize in:

In Dipicsa Group we are dedicated to offer high quality and competitive services within the industry of the waterproofing and construction systems. We provide a wide variety of products, services and efficient solutions.

We are a company integrated by a team of professionals committed to give a service of level and world class. Our knowledge and experience allow us to develop innovative projects, ranging from specification to design, to complete installation

We continually seek a comprehensive solution for any project in our different divisions. We offer complete systems of single-PLY waterproofing from EPDM to the most energy efficient such as PVC and TPO. We have machines for rolling foils in place, with a high technology for roofs and walls. Our highly trained team places us as leaders in design and manufacture of metal structure


Dipicsa Group is recognized as a national leader, offering the best solutions, quality and service in all its areas


To constantly provide its customers and collaborators with total satisfaction. To be a morally responsible company that seeks to promote personal development through ethical principles and values within our society


  • We recognize God as the center of our company
  • Committed to working free of corruption and grow our business with the vision of Advancement without misleading clients.
  • We seek continuous improvement, innovating in our processes, solutions, products and services that translates into benefits for our clients.
  • Always fulfill the commitments acquired, offering attentive service, quality and respect.
  • To be a company that promotes the improvement of the social, economic and environmental environment of our country.